Infrared scanning of a home is one of the fastest growing infrared technology applications. Infrared Thermography is a powerful, non invasive means of observing a building. Wellington Inspection employs the latest in infrared technology to provide you with important information relating to otherwise inaccessible areas in the home. The infrared camera can detect minute variations in temperature within your home which can reveal hidden problems not detectible with the naked eye. A professional home inspector, equipped with a thermal imaging camera and properly trained and certified in it’s use, can find problems with a house that otherwise would not be discovered. For instance, a wet wall or ceiling, subject to the process of evaporation (even if recently painted) may be displayed as a “cooler” image than the surrounding areas.  Heat ducting leaking within a closed wall will heat up the surrounding areas becoming visible to the thermographer. Some of the other benefits of thermal imaging are as follows…

• Locating water intrusion from the exterior.


• Plumbing leaks.

• Locating air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, doors and

• Evaluation of electrical systems; hot spots, loose wires,
overheating circuit breakers.

• Roof leakage.

• Missing insulation.

• HVAC duct leakage.

Wellington Inspection can perform a  “stand alone” Thermal Scan of your home or it can be included as an “Add on” to your home or pest inspection.